Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Quite often, I find myself being sucked into the giant whirlpool of drama. Drama is like a never ending cycle. Even when you think you've gotten away from it, someone is going to pull you down again. I, personally, am not one to back down no matter the situation. But, I am also not the one to normally start drama.  My problem is: if someone starts something involving me or mine, I do NOT let it slide. I am so grateful to have a mother like I have, because she disciplines me when I am involved in drama so I will learn, instead of encouraging me in drama so I won't. That is what the best thing to do is when involved in drama. No, it is not good to respond to it. The people trying to involve you are most likely bored or jealous. Jealousy is most likely the factor. Some people just aren't content with their own lives, and must try to ruin others'. By responding to drama, you drop to the lowest level you can, their's. I am guilty, and will probably never change when it comes to retaliating, but I am learning to be even better than I already am when it comes to things like drama. Competition is the main factor of drama. Many times, I find myself aggravated, because I feel as if people try to compete with me. The best way to deal with competition is to realize: they can't compete with you, because they aren't even qualified enough to race. Don't let the jealousy of others' affect the happiest parts of you life. 

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Friday, January 6, 2017

LGBTQ Controversy

Everyone has a different opinion on the LGBTQ community, but the ones with a negative opinion need to rethink it. No one on this great Earth is perfect or a saint by any means. So, why is it okay for someone to judge another for whom they care about? It's not. I don't really have a view, because it doesn't affect me. Nor does it affect anyone with a negative opinion. Why get angry and downgrade people about their life choices when it doesn't affect you at all? It is absolutely crazy how people judge others so quickly without checking their self first. In one of my recent posts, I stated that this generation will be the change to end the destructive cycle of negativity when it comes to other's differences. That also applies to the LGBTQ community. Everyone has rights to make their own decisions. We shouldn't judge anyone for having a different sexuality than us.

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