Friday, December 2, 2016

A Generation of Change

There is too much controversy in the world today, but our generation will be the ones to either change the world or destroy it. It is so scary to hear so many malicious comments and views about other people. The way we act towards others and handle ourselves is going to be the determination of our victorious change or our disastrous downfall. We as people should be grasping each other by the hands and helping one another continue in this journey of life. We should be joining forces to battle against the close minded people, and trying to help them to open their minds to a new beginning. We as the future of the people should be working together to be the change this world must have to live fully in peace. Whether someone is black, white, Latino, Indian, gay, straight, transgender, etc. we are all the same; and we all bleed red. The controversy between us needs to stop, so we can help our older generations become more open-minded about differences. We need to be prepared to help the generations after us to adapt and learn the ways of equality. Try something different. Give someone who isn't from your usual crowd a compliment. Do something nice for someone. Start the change that is necessary. 

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